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Romantica Obscura crown

Darkness envelops us as we enter the dark world of Romantica Obscura. 

Unique handmade Gothic crowns in several styles - tiara and tiny regal crown style. Each piece unique with it's own detailing.
Based on bronze tone filigree, these crowns are based on velvet covered headbands (of on a felt base in case of regal style with removable headband). Each piece adorned in a specific color and style -  each unique and made to fit your needs. Each piece is unique and will not be replicated after they're sold out.

Crowns are delicate and should be managed as such.

Red: tiara style crown with red, nude, tan and pearl tone detailing jewels on aq narrow headband
Regal: tiny royal crown style with iridescent glass crystal detailing. Includes removable headband or can be attached with bobby pins (not included).
Nudes: Tiara style crown in nude, tan and pearl detailing on a wide headband
Red x black: Tiara style red, black and clear glass crystal detailing on a wide headband.
Clear: Tiara style, clear tone jewels on a wide headband.
Pearly: Tiara style on a narrow headband featuring pearl and tiny cameo detailing.

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- Items have limited quantities and will not be replicated after they're sold out.
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Romantica Obscura crown