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The Oracle statement necklace (silver) | FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING

A darkened room, round table. Mystified people, shyly gathering around the table, not really sure if they should sit or stand. A bell rings. A man walks in, telling people to sit down. They do. A moment of silence, then a woman gasps. She has entered...

Gorgeous statement necklace inspired by vintage oracle posters. Necklace features three eyeballs set in intricate silver frame and have two dangle options - all cross dangles or Victorian style hand and stars dangles. Black glass beads add elegant detailing. 
Standard length as pictured in last photo, if you want custom length - comment at checkout! c:

For Bronze version, click here.

♥ frames are subject to change
♥ the gray eye color is slightly lavender/pinkish, see photos for reference.
45 EUR

Sorry, this product is out of stock. Be sure to inquire about future availability or custom orders!
The Oracle statement necklace (silver) | FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING