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Ivory "Distressed" half bonnet

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Unique ivory cotton bonnet featuring vintage lace and pearls along with stripe-textured cotton.
The headpiece has unusual distressed design - some "worn out" details in the cotton and rust specs on lace (see detail photos) to add a one of a kind feel to it.

Front face of the hat features antique lace from the 20's on the crown of the head. The brim has cute heart-design lace, that is finished with fake pearls all around the halo.
Back of the bonnet has crochet lace triple bow with pearl detailing on top and two double bows on the sides. The base is finished with vintage rick-rack lace as well as "sister piece" of the 20's lace.

Bonnet attaches with crochet lace ties under the chin, that are finished with vintage pearl detailing.
Brim has a wire worked into it, so the bonnet can be shaped to your liking, but it should not be folded as that would misshape the wire.

Height of the brim (crown of head to middle top): ~13 cm

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Ivory "Distressed" half bonnet