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Bat wing boot cuffs

Inhaling the midnight air, she stared at the skies. The night seemed to pick her up and fly towards the stars. What a wonderful night...

Cute and quirky bat wings to add the extra creepy factor to your look! More versatile than you think - these wings can be laced up on your shoes as well as on the back of your corsets or dresses, if they have back lacing!
Listing includes one pair of cuffs.

Cuff is ~15 cm across in the widest part.
~2.5 cm between the eyelets.


- Processing time is 1-3  working days.
- each wing is handmade, so please allow minor changes to the shape and stitching.
- wings are made out of felt.
For the pre-order only they will also be available in royal blue, red and white! (pre-order closed)

Currently in stock: 5 pairs

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Artwork by miss Anna:
20 EUR

Bat wing boot cuffs