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Accessory lucky packs

A variety of lucky packs in several sizes and styles. All items within the packs are one size fits most or are adjustable to size. The packs can include anything from rings, brooches, necklaces to headpieces, hair clips and pouches, but not necessary each of all. 
Gender neutral packs include items that can be worn with both girly and more masculine styles (think ouiji, kodona). I've added a photo of a sample how a small gender neutral pack might look like for reference.

You will not know what's inside the packs until you receive them. I've done my best to try and color-coordinate or at least have styles, that go together stylistically, for an opportunity to mix and match them, but that is not a promise.
All packs are limited quantities.

Small lucky pack contains items worth 30 eur+
Large lucky packs contain items worth 50 eur+
20 EUR

Sorry, this product is out of stock. Be sure to inquire about future availability or custom orders!
Accessory lucky packs