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50 eur Gift card

50 EUR
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50 eur Gift card

50 EUR
Can't decide what to get as a present for your friend or loved one? Leave the choice up to them!

You can choose the format you want to receive the gift card as:
♥ As plain digital code
♥ In e-mail format, that we'll send to the giftee (you will have to leave their e-mail at checkout)
♥ Printable file, that you can print yourself (will be sent to your noted e-mail address)

♥ ♥ ♥

- If you order several gift cards, you can add note at checkout to merge them all together into one, otherwise they will be made as separate vouchers
- All gift cards are valid for a full year and work for the entire shop
- Gifts cards work with additional discounts, that the shop might have over the year
- If the giftee doesn't spend all of the gift card amount in one go, the remaining balance can still be used, so no money lost!